Rainbow crosswalk challenged

Resident says the City of Vernon's decision is flawed

I read with interest the front page article Oct. 13 concerning the painting of a rainbow crosswalk.

I especially liked our mayor’s comments about who will pay for it and that it could set a precedent.

Since our city leaders would like to use our taxes to advocate for groups which express moral opinions on how people should act, I recommend that an accurate and to scale depiction of Noah’s Ark be painted on the rainbow sidewalk, as well as a cross and even a Bible.

This would show to all who walk that there is tolerance for more than one world view.

There are so many groups of people who would like to offer their symbols of world views and religions and accompanying moral edicts.

Surely it’s not fair to only promote one.

We don’t want to be seen as intolerant, do we?

Let’s keep our minds so open that they fall out of our heads.

Mark Sladen