Rainbow response

Resident provides their thoughts on the rainbow crosswalk issue

I would like to applaud Mark Sladen on his letter a couple of weeks ago about the sign of the rainbow.

I agree that if those who are adopting the sign are pushing for a world view of tolerance, then they too must be tolerant of other people’s world view including God’s.

You see, God created the rainbow as a sign of promise and peace that he would never destroy the earth as he did thousands of years ago.

You can either believe that or not but the truth still remains.

It is another beautiful image of who he is, and having been a Christian for almost 17 years now, there is one thing that I have learned, and that is no matter what I do in my life, there is one thing I will never be able to do.

I will never be able to change what God’s truth is.

I hope this letter is not received in any ill will as that is not the intention.

I agree that we must be tolerant of where everyone is at in their life.

I don’t know other people’s life story and they don’t know mine.

I just hope that those who choose to will see the sign of the rainbow as God intended — his sign of promise and peace.

Carrie Weatheril