Ranch history

The folks in Coldstream are so lucky to have someone so informed and knowledgeable as Mr. Kiss sitting on their council. His statement to the council that we have our own ranch here in Coldstream shows the depth of his understanding and knowledge of our local heritage.

I would also assume it portrays his vision of the need to support this and other community projects.

To compare the O’Keefe Heritage Ranch operations to the Coldstream Ranch would in my opinion show his ignorance in understanding the problems encountered by the O’Keefe heritage ranch.

For your information Mr. Kiss the Coldstream Ranch, as most of us know, is a private enterprise that makes an income from ranching, logging, gravel sales etc.

I am sure Ted Osborne has no intention of asking Coldstream council for money to keep the Coldstream Ranch afloat.

The O’Keefe Ranch is a heritage museum  with dedicated volunteers and staff, that are trying to preserve and maintain our heritage buildings and in doing so they try to keep us and our children connected to our past and a way of life experienced by our pioneering citizens

It would appear Mr. Kiss has very little knowledge of the history of the ranch and its important role in the building of this great province and the community he lives in.

With his fixation on water issues I am also surprised Mr. Kiss wasn’t on board to help the O’Keefe Ranch with its water connection.

I am not sure the citizens of Coldstream will be as proud of their council’s $600 contribution to the ranch as the council members seems to be.

Thanks again for the contribution Coldstream Council.

For your generous contribution, the ranch may want to give you a free day pass so that you would be able to  go out and see what is being done on your behalf to preserve our heritage treasure.

Should that not happen, and knowing the budget constraints you must be encountering, I will gladly support the purchase of a day pass for you.

I am sure the citizens and businesses of Coldstream will be a lot more supportive of the O’Keefe Ranch than the existing council.

Doug MacGregor