Ranch rules

The O’Keefe Ranch is at it again, those poor people, beating the bushes for funding, and most political bodies in the North Okanagan are cutting back or slamming the door altogether.  You may agree or disagree about their policies, but I do know this; the O’Keefe Ranch is a priceless historical site, as well as a precious tourist destination, for people of all ages.

Well I have a solution and we, Joe and Josephina Public, can help solve the O’Keefe dilemma, feel good about ourselves and our community and we can repeat this success each year.  Each family or single person needs to buy a season’s pass to the ranch.

A family pass costs $60 plus HST for the entire season and is valid for all daily events.  A single’s pass is $30 plus HST.

Our family bought a pass each year when our girls were young.  It was brilliant.  We visited the ranch every week or two all summer and the children never seemed to tire of that busy place.

When we had house guests, it was a “go to” destination.

We let this custom lapse when the girls grew up, but I intend to renew my O’Keefe Ranch “affiliation” this year.

So join, please do!  I believe we can make a real difference.

Sharon Lawrence