RDNO taxation

Enderby resident thanks politicians who voted no to taxation for RDNO's building inspection program

How disingenuous of the Regional District of North Okanagan to go to the various municipal councils within its jurisdiction looking for hundreds of thousands of dollars to make up a shortfall in funding for its building inspection program (“Spall denies taxing request” – Wednesday, March 7, 2012).

Were the building inspection procedures streamlined, with the now required (as many as 11) inspections of any given building project reduced to, say, five? That would eliminate the vehicle and fuel costs for six round trips from Aberdeen Road, 15 to 25 hours of building inspector presence on-site, and a potential five to 10 days in downtime for builders, their employees and the sub-trades.

The streamlining would result in direct savings to both the RDNO (read: taxpayers) and the construction industry. The result would be a positive for the local economy.

I thank all of those civic politicians that gave a resounding no to RDNO’s latest attempt to keep their overloaded boat afloat.


Mark Levey, Enderby