Re-educate yourselves

I love people who live in the past, as is the case with two letters in The Morning Star June 3.

I love people who live in the past, as is the case with two letters in The Morning Star June 3.

Your opinions are just the kind of ancient, almost religious like, stereotypical old-school views on weed/pot that future generations will laugh at.

First off, newer studies have shown pot does not cause any kinds of mental disorders what-so-ever.

Nor is weed addictive, habit forming, or the gateway drug it was once thought to be.

As for dangerous, weed has been proven to be far less dangerous than already regulated products like tobacco or alcohol.

And it is easier for young children to access B.C. bud because it is not currently regulated or government controlled.

Higher health care costs, even if there would be any, would be offset by the reduced costs to our justice systems, not to mention weed doesn’t just need to be smoked, many people ingest the substance in cookies/brownies which reduces the negative health effects of smoke inhalation.

Now as for the smell, yes weed has a very potent and unique smell. But if people cannot smoke in apartment buildings, perhaps these building could institute new rules regarding smoking of pot. Wow, did I just solve that problem in two seconds — yes I did.

And to cut off the question of the smell from cooking it, well cooked fish also smells bad in apartments. Sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad.

I praise our current mayor and councillors, not to mention the former mayors of Vancouver, former attorney generals of B.C., and mayors and councillors from our fellow B.C. communities that support legalization.

They have at least grown up and admitted the battle against pot is not only one that is not working, but laughable.

Kellen Marrs