Recycling program

Resident has some questions about curtsied collection in Vernon

A recent Wednesday was pickup day for the recycling in our area of Vernon. Neither of my recycling bins were picked up but my neighbours’ were.

When I called Emterra as to the reason, they informed me that I had been given a warning once that I had put items in the bin that were not allowed.

It seems that I had once again put something in the one bin that was not allowed (a styrofoam meat tray, washed, I might add).

Therefore, Emterra’s employees opted to not pick up any of the recycling even though the other bin only contained newspapers and cardboard.

This is totally ridiculous if the province is committed to the recycling program as all Canadians citizens should be.

Who made this ruling that they could refuse service after a first warning or after any warning at all? I’d like to know if this ruling is in their contract?

Why would the province agree to something like this if we are as committed to the prevention of global warming as we all should be?

In my defence, I can only state that I live in a 55-plus complex and am 80-years-old. I tend to be somewhat forgetful but am trying to do my part in saving the environment.

Should we be penalized for a mistake by Emterra refusing to take any of the recycling bins? I can see where they would leave the offensive bin as they cannot be sorting items at curbside, but to refuse to take the other bin is more than a bit overboard.

Who agrees with me on this as I am going to pursue this issue with the province?

Ed Hamlin