Recycling questions

I feel I must speak up about the 'recycling' program in our city

I feel I must speak up about the ‘recycling’ program in our city.

The list of recyclables that are accepted in the blue bins seems to be shrinking more and more.

Can someone explain why I cannot put plastic bags of any kind or plastic overwrap in there?

I can understand not allowing glass because of the hazard involved for people handling them.

But plastic and foam packaging?


Why is this?

All of these items are headed to the exact same destination, so, what’s up with that?

Thankfully I am able-bodied so far, but what about other seniors who struggle daily just to maintain?

Are they to take the bus or a taxi to the depot? I truly hope not.

I bet a lot of recyclables are going straight into the garbage now simply because it’s being made more and more of a challenge to do the right thing.

We are forced to amass these things, then get in our cars and drive (really, who cares about air pollution at this point? Gotta get the plastic to recycle!) to the depot.

To me, this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

If there are like-minded individuals in our community, I would ask, no, beg them to join me in speaking up to make a change for the better.

After all, the goal of recycling is not to get people in their cars. Correct?

Bonnie Shideler