Refugee crisis

Resident wants federal parties to take action on bringing refugees to Canada

If only we had a leader of our splendid country with the courage and initiative to show the world what we are really made of and make us all proud.

What would Churchill have done?

Here’s what I would do.

I’d call the chief of our defence forces into my office today and order him thus:  “Get every single Canadian Air Force transport aircraft into the air by noon tomorrow. Fly them to the Middle East and fill them with refugees.  Bring them back to Canada, and keep on fetching refugees until I tell you to stop.”

Then I’d order our foreign service people to get on those aircraft and fill them with refugees.

“No paperwork, no delays, just do it.”

I’d then tell the mayors of every city in Canada to be prepared to receive and look after the refugees.

“No expense spared. No excuses.  Just do it.”

The world press would have a field day.

They’d love it.

“Canada sets an example.”

How proud we would all be…and guess who’d win the next election?


Anthony W. Harnett