Rental rates

Resident wants the City of Vernon to do more to create affordable housing

It’s important to note that the facts and figures reported in your article regarding rental rates climb on Dec. 23 represent only a small fraction of the actual rental market in Vernon.

The CMHC-produced results take into account only properties rented by licenced property managers that represent, for the large part, multi-family buildings. The majority of single-family homes and suites are managed and operated by owners or private individuals which if factored into the vacancy and affordable equations would show a vacancy rate closer to 10 per cent and rents that have not increased for the last two years (and in some cases reduced).

If the city were serious about doing something to accommodate renters and improve the affordability of a home in Vernon, they would moderate the enforcement of suites by city departments which has only reduced the number of possible rental units and increased the financial burden of the homeowner.

In addition, grabbing the last pound of flesh from every developer that walks in the door does nothing for improving the affordability of a home in Vernon. A recent example illustrates the point where compulsory city costs in the form of infrastructure improvements, in addition to development cost charges, add almost $30,000 to the cost of a home that would otherwise be able to sell for $220,000.

Taking a leaf from the pages of other municipalities that have reduced or in some cases eliminated DCCs for appropriate developments would greatly assist homeowners and the local economy.

I. Murphy