Repeat performance

Resident concerned about the increasing burden placed on taxpayers

Here we go again. Another well-crafted referendum proposal and vote.

The formula is always the same. Suffocating news articles extolling the virtues of the proposal (the past track or the current arts gallery/museum love-in) that downplay the cost ($12 million) and give no recognition to whom the final bill is sent (as ever, the beleaguered property owner). But who gets to vote?

Everyone, under the auspices that non-property owners are taxed indirectly and therefore deserve a say in the outcome.

Well, it’s time our cynical, local politicians recognize the math. Indirectly taxing non-property owners also affects property owners equally.

One cancels the other, leaving property owners footing the bill.

What a system, giving everyone a say on how to spend our money.

Will there ever be an end to how politicians pass the buck?

Why can’t someone in our new and budget-conscious council stand up and tell those with their hands out that the well is dry?

If the recipients really believe in their combined arts/museum cause, then it’s time they get off their collective backside and raise the funds independently. Public support will surely be forthcoming, in droves. This isn’t the last referendum.

It’s politically ingrained into our system, much like the special dispensations council uses to distribute our tax dollars to those that seem to feel it’s an easier way to raise funds than actually working the public donation purse.

It all needs to be flushed from the Greater Vernon political system. I voted for a budget-conscious administration.

What I got is more of the same, only coming faster and at a higher price.

Get your act together and give property owners some breathing room.


Alan Wilson