Report rankles

Resident raises concerns about Colin Mayes' comments

Having just read Colin Mayes’ recent MP report, I have ample cause to wonder at the absolute gall of both him and the leader of his party. Mr. Mayes, in a rambling, trumpeting, diatribe, attempts to defend Stephen Harper and the Conservatives by asking us to believe that they “have a track record of insuring equal liberty to all and providing more open and transparent government.”

Canadian Press, on the other hand, reports (via the Globe & Mail) that the advocacy group Democracy Watch has the following to say: “The federal Conservatives continue to try to spin their limited online data activities as an actual open government action plan, and continue to refuse to keep their commitments to strengthening the rules and enforcement systems in federal transparency, ethics, anti-corruption, lobbying, consultation, whistleblower protection, political finance, and waste prevention laws.”

Even the Conservatives themselves, or at least some of them, are not buying into Mr. Harper’s spin. The same CP article states that, “Some members of a high-level panel struck by the Conservatives to offer advice on increasing transparency in government say a recently-released open-door plan doesn’t go far enough.”

Weighing in from below the 49th parallel, then-U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton added, “Those governments that hide from public view and dismiss the idea of openness and the aspirations of their people for greater freedom will find it increasingly difficult to maintain peace and security.”

Mr. Mayes, it is difficult to accept your assertions when a respected advocacy group, members of your own party and a senior official from our omnipresent neighbour all offer a point of view that is completely counter to that espoused by you and the PM. I haven’t bothered to cite from the almost daily news reports that continue to paint a picture of a rigid, controlling, secretive and manipulative government, a government with values that have nothing in common with those of the Conservative’s oft-mentioned grassroots citizens.


Mark Levey