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Re: The Morning Star article: Former RCMP employee dies in California accident (July 10)

Re: The Morning Star article: Former RCMP employee dies in California accident (July 10)

As reported, my twin brother, Blair Imrie, was killed in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday, July 8, near Quincy, California. The article in The Morning Star reported favorably regarding Blair’s work for the RCMP and the City of Vernon.

All the newspaper articles that I have read, including the one in The Morning Star, included a comment about speed being a factor in the accident.

As a retired police officer, I am aware that on occasion, where other contributing factors are not known, a factor of “too fast for conditions” is commonly noted on police reports. It’s adequately vague to be easily defended; but unfortunately leads others to thoughts of excessive speed, which may not be justified in this case.

Wes MacPherson, another retired RCMP officer who was riding with my brother, says there was no indication of excessive speed. He says he followed Blair for about 40 miles prior to the accident and both were driving responsibly, within the speed limit.

He says he saw Blair “braking in the turn, possibly for deer as fresh tracks were noted going up the bank.”

He further notes that there were no warning signs before the curve and the corner was not banked properly.

All of these comments suggest that my brother may have been unfairly cast as the author of his own misfortune, rather than a victim of circumstances.

I am sending this note to you to ask if The Morning Star would publish this comment, perhaps in “Letters to the editor”; as a comment which I believe to be fair and possibly helpful to friends and family who are struggling to come to terms with this devastating accident.

Your assistance to publish these comments would be greatly appreciated.

Bruce Imrie, Inspector (Rtd), RCMP, Richmond