Response to column

I was shocked and angered to read Richard Rolke’s column  Democracy 101 in the March 30 issue of your paper. I was never interviewed before Mr. Rolke wrote his column.  The effect is that Mr. Rolke misrepresented me and the Concerned Citizens of Lumby.

The prison referendum may or may not be the final step in attempting to bring a prison to Lumby. There is confusion surrounding the results. MLA Eric Foster has said that there needs to be 70 per cent support from the village electorate to indicate to the provincial government  strong backing for the prison. On the other hand, Mayor Acton is  thinking that 50 per cent plus one is enough. Where is the standard for strong community support?

What happens if there is 50 per cent plus one support for the prison within Lumby itself and a clear majority no from Area D?

We do not know the answers to these questions.  This is why we will continue our work.

What happens if the Village of Lumby pursues the development of a prison? Citizens have every right to express concerns, to ask questions, to inform, to be informed and to express their vision for Lumby’s future. This is why we will continue our work.

I know I can speak for the hundreds of concerned citizens when I say that we have a better vision for the future of Lumby than a prison. We are a diverse group, from young families to retirees.  What brings us together is our commitment to a healthy, vibrant, growing place to live.  We envision a community that will take care of its seniors and provide a stable place to raise our children. This is why we will continue our work.

Paul Fisher

Concerned Citizens of Lumby