Ridiculous generalization

The gross oversimplification of the political strata by Mr. Krogstad speaks volumes ...

The gross oversimplification of the political strata by Mr. Krogstad speaks volumes about his apparent lack of empathy for anyone who has ever had a difficult time in their life, as well as a completely inaccurate description of the poor and the left wing. You know what? I have a “better” explanation on the difference between conservatives and liberals: a conservative would walk by a man sinking in a tar pit and think that he deserves it, and walk on; a  wise, kind, and justice-loving liberal would help him out.

Is this true? Of course not. It’s ridiculous generalization and oversimplification, and it’s insulting to read. Not just to leftists, but to anyone who is hoping for civilized debate in politics.

In any case, the argument against taxing the higher bracket income earners is utterly ridiculous; no one in the world needs as much money as these people make, and there is a massive difference between the grades you have earned and need in order to go on to a satisfying career, and over-the-top income figures so that you may buy another house on the lake.

Meanwhile, poor people are breaking their backs every day, slaving away for people who are making thousands times more than they ever will. Sure, there are those are foolish with their finances, and make mistakes and play instead of work hard, but these are in the vast minority compared to the poor working class who’s lives are not so frivolous as you seem to think. There are people who work eleven hour shifts, day after day, regardless of the weather conditions, for minimum wage, all so they can eat that week and pay their bills. Your letter and your story smack heavily of the ignorance of someone who knows nothing of the poor and their plight.

Gabriel H. Pratico