Road lines a problem

Yes, we should see them recently re-painted. And yes, we should probably expect them to last six months. Cities like Vernon are clearly not solely responsible since highways (provincial jurisdiction) are just as bad. It may well be that these short-lived road lines are federally mandated.

One theory I’ve read is that the paint which lasts a couple of years with snow plowing is bad for the environment. It also costs more, initially.

Another theory is that short-lived road lines are a make-work idea to keep people employed. I find that hard to believe as there is so much other road work needed.

Whether it is painting road lines or fixing potholes, the cost, of course, goes to the taxpayers. I think most of us would prefer solutions that might be more expensive initially but cheaper and safer over the long term.

One thing I discovered from my research is that this is a complex topic with many different answers for many different situations. But we sure are not getting the best answers in our cities or province.

It is probably too late to change anything this year, but not too late to see that the same thing doesn’t happen again a year from now.

Doug Sonju