Road markings

Resident concerned about safety conditions on local highways

Regarding road markings, you are so right Roy Bouman.

All of our roads are the same. Try driving Highway 6 to Lumby at night or in the rain, the Coquihalla or the Trans-Canada east.

Strange as it may be, our RCMP drive these roads and do nothing about it. Not their job, I guess, to have to mention it to highways.

I presume politicians drive and never notice as do our local councillors. But they are too concerned with anti-idling bylaws. Our local road maintenance companies never notice as that would mean they may have to get the lines redone. And all of the Ministry of Transportation employees that look after the building and, I presume the maintaining of our roads, never notice as they are too busy.

I am sure there are accidents caused by the lack of lines, but no one seems too concerned about that.

My understanding is that to save money, the government decided to buy cheaper paint and that the tree huggers requested that the reflective content (finely ground glass and plastics) be removed in case some wild animals lick it. But they can lick the salt off the road.

What can you do? Nothing, because nobody that should really care does and more importantly, they can’t really be bothered.

Jeff Miller