Road projects questioned

Vernon streets projects concern

I am writing in response to the article in The Morning Star June 19: Response to Street Projects.

It’s very well and good to make streets attractive, but above all you must consider people first and how the development will impact them.

Yes, 20th Street is attractive but where are the residents and their visitors supposed to park? One can make the street attractive without removing the parking.

Here’s another bad example for you to look at: Middleton Way between Mount Fostall Drive and 11th Avenue. This is what’s now known as a speedway.

Residential homes were not considered. Waddington Drive should have been left to the heavy trucks where the light industry is located.

Now it runs off Middleton Way. Middleton used to have light traffic, mostly motorists.

Now we have heavy trucks, noise, a lot of dust and an oily grime. No parking whatsoever and no trees to alleviate the situation.

At the onset of building the highway, they promised terracing and trees to act as a buffer. We have neither. It looks nice but it’s also dangerous. The road should never have been put through. Again, shouldn’t the residents have been considered?

A bad example at 29th Street. What about the people who lost their jobs because of business closures?  It will maybe eventually look nice but in some places the road is fairly narrow.

What about all of those useless bicycle lanes? Has anyone seen them being used? I’ve seen one cyclist a year on those lanes. I didn’t see any more prior to the installation of those lanes, so where was the priority for installing them? They are definitely not in use during the winter months. What a waste of taxpayers’ money. Was it in the millions?

Personally, I think the bicycle lanes are more dangerous to the cyclist than using the regular road. I didn’t think, or it used to be, that you didn’t build anything new unless there was a demand for it.

Where was the demand? It sure wasn’t from the non-existent cyclists.


L.M. Neufeld, Vernon