Road upgrades

Resident responds to letter about services in Cosens Bay area

To upgrade Cosens Bay Road or not affects me personally in no way, but I do have some thoughts to pass along.

It seems one of Beth and Warren Campbell’s main complaints is that the Regional District of the North Okanagan collects residents’ taxes and does nothing in return. They state their taxes are paid with little or no money coming back for roads, sewer, water, or garbage collection that “every other property owner” gets for their taxes.

I would just like to say that those of us who choose to live in most rural areas because of the peace and beauty do not receive any of the above mentioned benefits, only snow plowing plus grading of gravel roads. When living in rural areas, especially on acreages or waterfront, taxes are high. That’s the way it is.

I must also add, if all amenities were available in our rural paradises, next thing you know, we would have a huge population influx and gone would be the reason why we moved into the outlying areas in the first place.


Penny Jones