Resident expresses concerns about the painting of road lines in Vernon

Its nice to see that spring is here and the roads are being cleaned of dust.

Have you noticed when you drive along  27th Street and cross the intersections at 43rd and 48th avenues that you have to move over a couple of feet one way or another to maintain your lane?

On 34th Street, from Okanagan Avenue north to 30th Street, you have to make a lane correction crossing every intersection. I am hoping this spring that when the  crews go out to repaint the lines, they will line them up with the lines on the other side of the intersection. I suspect this is poor design  by the planning department, especially at 34th Street and  30th Avenue where they missed by more than half a lane. It was just redone last spring and it’s worse now.

It can’t be that  difficult. I lived in Vancouver for many years and the lanes line up as you cross an intersection.

I spend a lot of time in Kelowna and this phenomena does not occur  on the roads there either.

Geoff Elliott