Roundabout perhaps?

Resident makes a proposal for moving traffic and increasing safety at Stickle Road

Has anybody considered putting a roundabout at the Stickle Road intersection on Highway 97?

Europe is filled with roundabouts and they work.

Traffic slows, but does not have to stop, and every vehicle entering and leaving can do so smoothly without endangering lives.

There would be no problem for the vehicles entering and leaving the west side of Stickle Road.

I am very surprised that there has been no mention of this option previously. This would presumably be far more economical then the proposed extension of 20th Street through the treasured wetlands.

And I totally agree that speed limits should be reduced in that area, as it is on the fringe of Vernon.

Also, there seems to be no logical answer as to why on the 32nd Street section of Highway 97, heading north, that the speed limit is increased to 80 kilometres per hour just before the last traffic light on the way out of town.

Harriet Foltinek