Rules of the road

Resident concerned about the actions of cyclists on local roads

I have some good friends whom are cyclists. One friend of mine in particular is very passionate about it. He would not fall into this category. However, I am disgusted by the actions of some of the cyclists out there.

On any given day, you can see cyclists riding down sidewalks, blowing stop signs, coming up on the right side of a stopped vehicle when it needs to turn right, and charging right past or in front of pedestrians crossing on a crosswalk.

These cyclists want respect? In the last two years, I have witnessed two separate incidents where a cyclist has rode right through a school bus stop zone.

This is where the bus has stopped fully with stop sign out, red stop lights activated and kids exiting the bus.

The first incident, last year on Husband Road, was particularly alarming because the cyclist rode up the left side of the bus from behind, blasting right past the driver’s window.

A pedestrian, especially a small one, can easily be injured by this action.

It was inconsiderate and quite dangerous potentially.

In a more recent situation, the school bus was stopped on Silver Star Road by Aspen Road. The stop sign was out, lights were flashing and the clearance arm was out once again. Kids were in front of the bus being met by their dad who was walking across the road toward them.

A car, facing the bus, was stopped waiting for the crossing to be completed (when the bus driver would deactivate the crossing equipment) and a cyclist was coming up behind the car toward the bus. The cyclist did not stop.

He rode right between the dad and the kids. Again, this could have had very poor results had the kids and dad not stopped for him.

When  I was a kid learning to ride a bike, the understanding of the law was, that a bike is to be operated as a car is driven, and the cyclist was to pay attention to the traffic laws accordingly.

Clearly by some of you, this is not being done.

To you cyclists out there, whom we have built actual lanes for, who go on and on about vehicle operators not respecting you etc., well hey, like most roads, that’s a two-way street.

If you want respect out there, like everyone else, you need to earn it, right?

Blowing stop signs, freaking out pedestrians and narrowly missing them when you are the one that is supposed to stop, is not the way to accomplish that.

Rory White