Rumour squashed

There is a rumour that we are selling our house. Well, I’d like to nip that rumour right in the bud. We are not selling our house and we certainly have no intention of moving out of Lumby.

This and other rumours have incubated in the hothouse of rising emotions surrounding the possibility of building a new correctional facility in our town.

When I was mayor of Lumby, some local residents suggested we look into the prospect of hosting a correctional facility. I initiated a study with the plan of submitting it for community discussion.

The intention was to see if this was possible and then to ask residents, “Do you want it?” I felt part of my job as mayor was to investigate every possibility for our community.

I am, of course, no longer the mayor of Lumby. I am the MLA now. But I am still fully committed to the process of community consultation which has led to the referendum on April 30.

Either way, yay or nay, I will respect the decision of the people of Lumby and area – and so will the provincial government.

I would like to conclude by saying that I am always available to listen to the concerns of residents on this issue or any other. I can be reached at 250-503-3600 or

Eric Foster

MLA for Vernon-Monashee