Run for office

Resident takes aim at the actions of the Greater Vernon Governance Society

I believe that the reason most municipal politicians have run for office is likely because of their opinions and beliefs to which they are entitled. During their election campaign, the more forthright their position on hot topics, the easier it is for the electorate to make our voting choices.

This issue keeps reoccurring every few years and is easily resolved during scheduled municipal elections. The current coldstream Council was pretty much not in favour of amalgamation during the last campaign and it still appears that they are not interested.

I say that the vocal pro-amalgamation leaders should show the community where their passion lies. Run for office.

Democracy would be best served as the people would have spoken through their votes and the new leaders would have the mandate to pursue amalgamation. Simple as that.

In the meantime, let the elected officials get on with the mandate and workload that we elected them for.

Leo Lecavalier