RV owners getting the runaround

Resident challenges the City of Vernon's new tourist info centre location

It interests me that the City of Vernon can state it wants to improve tourist access so the travelling public with their RV rigs and their families will spend some time and their tourist dollars visiting our fine city.

Over the years, I have watched Vernon do everything it could to deter these RVs from stopping in Vernon at all.

Some years ago, the city removed the easy-access RV sani dump on Okanagan Landing Road and did nothing to replace it until public outcry demanded it, and then it put a user-pay facility behind the old arena.

I wonder how significant that bit of income is compared to the business brought in to the store from the free sani dump at Super Store?

Tourists remember these conveniences and plan around them.

The city then mandated no overnight parking or dry camping in any parking area within the city, including the Walmart parking lot, which many people travelling in an RV count on. Go for it guys, you are doing a great job.

Now you want to close the north and south visitors booths with their easy access and ample parking areas and instead, expect visitors, many towing large RVs, to find a visitors booth which is buried downtown and has limited parking.

You expect these drivers to drive down Highway 97, through town in heavy traffic, and watch for signs and, in the case of southbound traffic, be prepared to make a left-hand turn across the highway.

Nancy Roman certainly has it right when she says “goodbye tourists.” They will drive on through to a more tourist-orientated town.

Vernon, give your heads a double shake.


Ron Trickett