Sad ending

Resident upset that a deer was tamed by someone and then had to be destroyed

Shame on you. You, the person(s) who tamed the mule deer, who destroyed his natural fear of humans, and, who ultimately caused his untimely death.

This was something you probably had not foreseen, and, about now, you are not feeling very proud of your actions.

Let’s hope it’s a lesson learned.

The experts who decreed that death was the only solution, I’m sure, considered this decision very carefully.  I accept that.

But, why the heck did you have to tell me?

I, and the rest of the world, didn’t have to know that.

After a few days of no reported sightings, I would have assumed that the little fellow had found a mate, and that together, they had pranced off to the woods to begin a happy life together.

Corny? Naive? A bit juvenile?

Yes, probably. But the picture I have of him nuzzling his little girlfriend is far more acceptable than the harsh reality – the little mule deer, lying dead, with his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth.

I’m angry, disgusted and oh so very, very sad.


Noreen Payne