Safe cars

Resident questions the lights used in new vehicles

As concerns these new high-tech automobiles, I have a major issue that I would like to bring up.

Over the last few years, automobile manufacturers have installed these very high-powered, high-intensity displacement halogen headlights that I believe make night driving stressful and sometimes hazardous to most drivers.

Sometimes, the oncoming lights are literally blinding and could possibly be a causing factor relating to some accidents.

Let’s go back a moment in time to the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s when all vehicles had the same low-powered lights which made night driving a lot more comfortable for your eyes and a lot safer because you weren’t blinded by the oncoming lights like you are today.

I have personally listened to feedback from a variety of different drivers about this problem and I’m sure I am not the only solitary soul that understands that we have a problem that needs to be addressed and eventually solved.

Let’s use some common sense here because I don’t want to be tempted to wear a pair of very strong sunglasses when I  drive at night just because I want to protect my eyesight from HIA headlights. How about you?

George Maier

Lake Country