Safety should come first

Anyone using the roadside paths should at least wear bright clothing so as to be seen.

Having finally moved to the North Okanagan, I wanted to start by saying how much we love Vernon and area, and how thankful we are to be here.

That said, I have one issue that bothers me enough that I am compelled to pen this complaint.

I cannot fathom the apparent (sometimes appalling) lack of personal responsibility by a lot of the pedestrians using the roadsides in the area.

I have seen grandmothers and mothers with strollers and three dogs in tow. Joggers clad in grey track suits in the twilight fog. Skateboarders texting while rolling along the roadside, and all of them wearing dark clothing with not so much as one item that reflects light.

Do these people really not realize the imminent danger that is travelling just the other side of that thin white line?

I shudder at the thought of a mishap that would leave any of them injured and the emotional, personal, and financial burden that would be cast upon me.

There is a host of personal lights and reflective clothing available to these folks, but they choose not to employ them at their peril.

Callous irresponsibility would be the phrase that best fits this situation.

I implore anyone using the roadside paths to think about this and at least wear bright clothing so as to be seen.

K. Ingram