Salary comparison

Resident defends the activities of City of Vernon employees

I find it frustrating that the myth of the fat cat city employee or politician being paid huge sums is continuing to be perpetuated.

The June 12 editorial states that “many taxpayers don’t earn close to what civic workers take home.”

Time and again when public servant salaries are compared to a private sector counterpart doing similar work, particularly at the senior levels, the private sector employee is paid better.

I also use the term servant on purpose.

Private sector workers tend to have better working conditions compared to public employees who must constantly justify their work, even though there would be a huge outcry if potholes were not paved or parks not planned for, and they are often belittled and insulted in the media and to their faces.

I think most people wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of many phone calls a public employee hears.

I am amazed at the lack of basic manners, particularly when it is not the employee’s fault that a particular service isn’t offered or is being reduced. It’s often due to calls to cut taxes.

Public employees do the work they do not just for their salary but because they love their community and want to make it great.


J. Smith