Save Civic Arena

Local resident opposed to the twinning of Kal Tire Place

If it costs $50,000 to keep Civic Arena operating, possibly the city could charge a parking fee for the 80 to 100 vehicle owners parked on the Civic Arena property and this would reduce the maintenance costs.

With regards to the urine smell and stuck door in the dressing room, if the city maintenance department cannot repair these problems, my suggestion would be to contact journeymen tradespeople to rectify these issues. It is admirable to have volunteers coach different sports and I am sure we can find a great deal to complain about regardless of the venue.

I would suggest having a chat with the complainers and advising them that they are fortunate to have a covered artificial ice rink in which to play hockey. There are many coaches and children who play on outdoor rinks with little complaints.

With regard to the referendum for a new arena with a predicted cost of $13 million, what will the overrun costs be for servicing this building?

There is a referendum planned for a new art gallery and possibly a museum, costs not disclosed.

The water rates are some of the highest in the valley and about $70 million is required to upgrade the water system. The cost overruns for the new outdoor track are still not disclosed.

What will it cost to remove Civic Arena? City council has discussed possibly building a park on this property.

I think Vernon has enough on its plate. It is obvious I will vote no.

Gil Garrett