Say yes to the complex

Fourteen year old urges community to plan for the future

I’m writing in response to the controversy in regards to the proposed running oval and track and field complex.

Maybe a different point of view, from a 14-year-old (like myself) will open eyes to why me and many of my peers would benefit from the new complex.

The Polson track is well-loved by youth, middle agers, and seniors. Schools host track meets there.

The Relay for Life, a track and field club, ultimate Frisbee, football practices and games, outdoor concerts, summer day picnics, job fest, and so many more things rely on that facility.

That oval is a needed and necessary part of sports and recreation in Vernon!

The proposed facility would provide a beautiful setting to walk, run, play, and compete.

The relative price of the facility is being way over scrutinized.

Some odd millions of dollars for a brand spanking new track?

That’s like what, $15 for each household?

There are similar facilities all over the Okanagan, and each of them is well-loved, and consistently being used and appreciated.

I don’t get the reasons behind not building the sports complex.

When places get run-down, you replace or upgrade them.

I refer you to the new library.

That may have cost a pretty penny to build, but at any time of the day, dozens of people are appreciating the beautiful facility.

The same would and will happen with the new running track.

It would foster a new generation of high-jumpers, long-distance runners and physically fit youth. It would re-inspire senior power walkers and busy business people, and it would create an even better sense of community.

I can’t overstate the importance of this running oval and track and field complex.

I’m not old enough to vote, so please, vote yes in the April 6 referendum, for myself and for the youth of Vernon.


Kristen Morgan