Scary walk

Resident says it's as if some drivers couldn't care less about pedestrians, bikers, or anything else

This letter is in response to the “Dangerous Drivers” letter in Nov. 14th’s paper. I too have been through a similar situation. Walking down the new pathway from Okanagan College and down to the lights, I pushed the walk button and waited until it told me to walk.

I was halfway down the road when a truck decided to keep on driving and was inches away from me before he slammed on the brakes. He didn’t even look for a walker; surprising, as it is a frequent crosswalk for college students like myself.

I clearly had 10 seconds left to walk, and I informed him of this, only to be cursed at. Actually expecting an apology, I was shocked to say the least.

It’s as if some drivers couldn’t care less about pedestrians, bikers, or anything else that may want to have a moment on the road as well. I often wonder if that man ever thinks about the fact that he almost killed a student.

Brooklyn Kuzyk