School safety

Resident questions plans for pedestrian safety along local roads

The discussion over the school zone signage for Ellison Elementary School.

If Ellison is compared to two other elementary schools in the Vernon area (Beairsto and Alexis Park), there would appear to be no reason to have the sign at all.

Beairsto fronts on to 27th Street, a four-lane link between Highway 97 and Highway 6. Beairst’s buffer to 27th Street is a chain link fence and a sidewalk. All loading and drop off is done away from 27th Street.

Alexis Park is similar in that also has a four-lane road to the side separated by a chain link fence and a sidewalk.

Loading and drop-off is on a side street, with school zone signage.

Ellison has a side yard facing Okanagan Landing Road separated by a chain link fence, two to three metres  of grass to a walking/bike path then 10 to 15 metres of grass to the shoulder of Okanagan Landing Road, a two lane road, then similar spacing to a frontage road.

I have driven Okanagan Landing Road since 1980 and pedestrian/bike traffic is either on the path or the frontage road. Some cyclist do ride on Okanagan Landing Road as there is a narrow bike lane marked of for them.

There is more traffic passing the other two schools than Ellison. The students that I have seen walking to and from school along Okanagan Landing Road only use the frontage road and the bike/walking path and use the traffic signal when crossing Okanagan Landing Road.

In short, the students I have seen do not use the shoulders of Okanagan Landing Road on their way to and from school,  ergo there is no reason to have the zone signage on Okanagan Landing Road.

A yellow/green sign like the one at Alexis Park should be enough.


Richard Payne