School zones

Resident wants flashing lights to improve pedestrian safety

Drive around the City of Vernon and you will find that school zone speeds, signage, and road markings vary from school to school.

Sometimes the zones are 30 kilometres per hour (Fulton) and others are 50 kilometres per hour (Seaton).

My particular interest is the school zones at Ellison Elementary on 25th Avenue and Okanagan Landing Elementary on Okanagan Landing Road.

Both of these zones are 30 kilometres an hour from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. school days. Both road crossings are protected with lights and painted crosswalks.

Children activity each day is limited to about 30 minutes, almost zero at the Landing school.

At Ellison, the sidewalk is located 10 metres off the travelled roadway. At the Landing children are rarely seen. Most often parents drive their children to/from the schools. It seems strange to have to drive through these zones when nary a child is in sight.

My solution, place flashing lights at the speed zones and when school children are present the speed is enforced at 30 kilometres per hour.

If the city traffic engineers are really concerned with school children safety, the cost of these flashing lights is not an issue. Then, hopefully child safety and motorist road rage would be addressed.


Ron Heuman