Scooter safety

Resident responds to letter about the use of electric scooters

In response to the letter Sept. 8 about scooter safety, I take umbrage with your view of scooter operators.

I note that in your jaundiced view of us, you failed to mention that we are probably responsible for global warming, the Middle East crisis, poverty and a host of other ills.

Further, your acrimonious statement, “Rip around like a banshee,” is pure poppycock.

As to skateboarders and longboarders, don’t get me started on this as they are more of a hazard to pedestrians than scooters.

My estimation of cyclists not wearing helmets (and I see lots of them) is they have a death wish.

In closing, might I recommend you not avail yourself with a scooter as you may pose a danger to yourself and others.


R.W. Kerry