Scrap the tax

HST a Liberal tax grab

The Liberals brought in this ill-conceived tax just as a huge tax grab. If they had combined the PST and the GST that was currently on commodities, that would have been fine. But they tried to sneak in the extra commodities, such as realtor commissions and the sale on new homes over $500,000, and many other things.

Only the lower income and big businesses will be getting rebate cheques. Another things is, it does not create more jobs, just the opposite generally. What a bunch of baloney.

The provinces that do not have the HST (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) have by far the lowest unemployment rate in Canada. This tax is similar misrepresentation to the B.C. Rail sale.

Come on, B.C., vote yes to scrap this horrible tax along with the eco-tax on fuel. That eco-fuel tax gets hidden and lost in general revenue. Extra taxes do not create jobs, except for bureaucracy.


Knut A. Krogstad