Seniors speak out on health care

Resident wants others to get active during the federal election

I nodded in agreement with Donna Jensen’s letter regarding the plight of seniors within our medical system.

I don’t need to list the litany of downright misery so many seniors and their families face. We are all too familiar with long wait lists and their domino effect, lack of care facilities, over-burdened hospitals and financial hardship, etc. for those of us over 65 years of age.

I once read we shouldn’t complain without also suggesting possible solutions.

That’s difficult given the enormity of problems facing our wellness system.  However, I do have a suggestion as to where we can start and the timing is perfect given the election.

We now have an extremely easy method of making our voices heard during this federal election campaign thanks to the Canadian Medical Association setting it up for us.

You can sign the non-partisan, online petition to add your voice to the fight for the creation of a medical national seniors’ strategy, plus avail yourself of much more information on this website:

Also provided is a link to assist you in contacting all your local candidates and party leaders.

A letter is already written for you.

You can leave it as is or you can personalize it.

Simply type in your postal code and your letter will automatically be sent to all candidates in your riding and the federal party leaders —

I personalized my letter to state that I would not be voting for any party that did not promise a high priority plan to develop and put into action a medical national seniors’ strategy to improve the care and lives of seniors.

If you are not yet a senior, you will be. If something is not done now, all statistics point to a bad situation only getting much worse.

Everyone can support this cause.

We can use the power of our democracy and make a big noise.

Lynne Moore