Share a bear

Share a Bear program at B.C. Liquor Stores helps young girl and mom in panicked ambulance ride

I just wanted to take this opportunity to encourage people to participate in the Share a Bear program at B.C. Liquor Stores.

The program involves purchasing twin bears, one you keep and its twin is donated to a local charity.

I am very passionate about this program as this summer, my one-year old daughter had an anaphylactic attack that involved an ambulance ride to a prepared and engaged emergency room.

As my daughter and I were lifted into the ambulance, the paramedic handed her a bear, which I later discovered was a Share a Bear.

It was a saving grace for both a panicked mom and little girl.

Thank-you Share a Bear and thank-you to the wonderful emergency response team and Vernon Jubilee hospital staff.  You turned a scary situation in to a comfortable one.

The twin bears are $11, but in my mind priceless.


Rebekka and Kennedy Wicklund, Vernon