Shared fences

Shared fences

LETTER: Vernon immigrant speaks out on immigration policy

First let me say “I am an immigrant and damn proud of it.” Where I came from is irrelevant as I am now and have been a Canadian for 40 years.

My parents spent a lot of money and many months passing all the requirements to gain enough points to enter Canada. At that time we had to provide enough money to live independently outside of the social services network for one year.

Our sponsor had to provide anything else we needed that we could not. We were given nothing by the Canadian government and we were so proud to be allowed to come here to live.

If anyone had a brush with the law we could all be deported without recourse. After a minimum of four years, we were allowed to make application for citizenship and could still be denied if we didn’t meet all the requirements. Nothing came easy, we had to work very hard to get here and to stay.

I am totally in favour of bringing as many immigrants as possible into Canada, as we have millions of acres of open spaces outside of cities that we need to populate. Refugees, well that is another issue.

Our leaders need to open their minds, their ears, and their common sense before they run wild and allow anyone and everyone into Canada just because it is politically popular for their votes.

Canada has been making the same mistakes England has made. Why not learn from them and not follow. England opened their borders and accepted millions of refugees and illegal aliens in the 1950’s and their society paid an awful price for political stupidity. Another example of politicians who wanted to “look good” and “do the right thing” that went horribly wrong. Just ask anyone who came from the UK why they really came to Canada. It wasn’t just for the better weather and scenery.

If you sacrifice your own citizens and their way of life by allowing an open border or lax policy, it serves no one. It destroys history; heritage and a country’s unique identity that was built slowly over generations.

Australia, France, Sweden, and many other countries have already seen the demise of what they knew as their “unique culture” because of open border immigration by trying to gain political favour.

This is not an attack on immigration! It is a wake up for those who think we should allow anyone from anywhere to come to Canada with no skills, qualifications or a “real” background check.

My family had to do it……..why don’t they? You might live on the hill overlooking the valley, or in a walled community that strictly restricts who lives there, but most of us share fences.

Trudeau is just like his father. Look back and check the damage he is still causing this country. As usual time allows people to forget. My grandchildren will be paying off his debt until they die. Before you criticise this letter and rant a reply, please check the details.

Not your memory or Trudeau Mania.

Now that you have finished trashing me and my opinion, just remember that you are also entitled to an opinion. Oh and how about we spend millions on our destitute street people first, instead of strangers from another land. They probably have family here and maybe they used to have a job too.

Paul Elmont, Vernon