Show some vision

I have been training in Polson Park for seven years and I can tell you there is rarely a time when people are not using that facility

I have been training with the Vernon Track Club in Polson Park for seven years and I can tell you there is rarely a time when people are not using that facility. I have competed on various tracks across North America and it astounds me how Vernon, with such a large group of talented athletes, refuses to get its act together and acquire a proper facility.

This is not something just for the Vernon track or football clubs. This is something the whole community can benefit from.

A track provides a safe alternative for people to walk on and it is softer than concrete so joints have less impact. People believe that our (Polson) track is adequate.

However, it is not regulation size, the surface becomes a hazard with rain, and its current location means it’s not safe to use in the early mornings or late evenings.

Fifteen dollars a year is nothing compared to the benefit that this facility can have. I urge you to take initiative and vote yes.

My biggest fear is that if this facility gets shut down, the interest in track and field in Vernon will decline.

I can say without a doubt that I would not be where I am today without the track club.

For the past seven years, I have based every decision I make on how it will affect my running. I have competed at the highest levels provincially, nationally, and am currently getting an education while competing in a sport that I have dedicated so much time to and has given me so much in return.

I believe a track will inspire future generations the same way it has inspired me. I know some people can not be persuaded but for those of you conflicted with what decision to choose I ask you to consider this. Can the cons really outweigh the pros?

The argument for saying no is being repeated by the same people, whereas the pros come from a diverse group of community members who want a positive change for Vernon.

Old, young, athlete, or not, this track will benefit all. There is no risk in voting yes.

However, if you vote no, you’re risking not allowing this community to become a better version of itself.

Sarah Bailey