Signs unnecessary

Resident upset with Vernon council's actions on election signs

I was sorry to read that in the recent city council debate over election signs, only two people thought it appropriate to restrict them to private property, and not one person questioned why signs need to be posted at all.

We have a free community newspaper that provides ample pre-election coverage both in print and online, we have public pre-election forums, and we can talk in person or via social media with our families, friends and neighbours.

Citizens who are motivated enough to actually get out and vote don’t need signs plastered all over town to tell them who they can vote for.

Near where I live, one candidate has posted four signs along the road, one after the other, within the space of a city block.

They’ve also placed a large sign at the previous intersection.  Election signs may be recyclable, but in addition to being an eyesore, they’re just one more example of how too often we collectively and conveniently forget that the primary concept in the reduce-reuse-recycle chain is to reduce what we use. We want to avoid one-use plastic items whenever we can.

I’d be happy to see the city fund bylaw officers to remove signs on public land if it would discourage candidates from using them.

As it is, with five candidates running for mayor and 14 running for city council in Vernon alone, the biggest loser in the province’s local government elections may be the environment.

Enforce the bylaw regarding election signs on public property, and maybe over time, they’ll be considered unnecessary and unacceptable.


Kim Nash