Site C

Site C

LETTER: NDP needs to reverse decision

Construction of the Site C dam should be stopped not only for sound social, environmental and economic reasons, but the NDP need to stop it for their own political survival.

If they blink, and construction of the Site C continues, the Liberals will use that to say that they were right all along. And they will use it like a bludgeon.

Next election, they will use it to make Premier Horgan look weak. No voter will ever vote for someone that they think is weaker than themselves – who would? It killed Martin, Dion, Ignatieff and Adrian Dix. And when Mulcair caved in to the unions and took his opposition to selling armed vehicles to the Saudis out of his platform, it killed him too. A voter can smell fear right through the TV screen and if they get a whiff of that on Mr. Horgan the NDP will be gone. Mr. Horgan must show strength to validate his leadership.

Three and a half years from now the shutting of Site C will be either forgiven or forgotten, but no one ever forgets a choke.

It also simply defies logic to waste any more money on such an enormous money loser when it can easily and profitably be dwarfed by wind, solar and geothermal.

Seamlessly replacing 2,000 temporary Site C construction jobs with approximately as many remediation jobs, and creating even more alternative energy jobs for the displaced local and union workers will be gladly welcomed. Showing leadership and strength by creating three times as many jobs and making a tangible moral commitment to a better world is not only rational but the right thing to do..

Also the Liberals need to be shown for the unscrupulous mishandlers they are, and nothing says “failure” as much as having to have someone else take over just to make the bleeding stop.

It is essential that the NDP do the right thing for the economy, job creation, the environment and our kids, by not “burning up” our tax dollars and hydro fees, by dumping more money into the Peace River; and let’s make damned sure that no one ever forgets that it was the Liberal’s twisted concept of management that got us into this ungodly mess in the first place.

Korry Zepik