Skills training

Trades training for young people requires more attention

This is a response to a letter by Roy Humphrey, Skill Training must be a Priority, published in the July 22 paper.

I am unhappy about the training system in Canada for the last three years or so. I am a trades person from Europe and I took three years of combined classroom and training. I have some idea about what it takes to make a tradesperson.

I am guilty of talking my son into taking trades when the time came to decide which road to take. Well, all we found is no training and no work.

The colleges are spitting out students who paid their own tuitions, often re-training themselves, but with nowhere to go.

Roy, you said so well in your letter all that I was trying to put together all of these years. Thank you very much for that. I wish this issue would get the attention it deserves now.

Rozalia Erdei