Slow down on Swan Lake

Resident is concerned about speed boats using Swan Lake

As a resident of the area, I have always appreciated the thoughtful recreational use of Swan Lake. While it could be described as a tiny lake or large slough, it is a very small body of water surrounded by reeds teeming with wildlife that makes their home there.

I believe part of this body of water is also protected by Ducks Unlimited if I am correct. Dragon boaters, kayakers and small fishing boats take advantage of this usually calm and small body of water for purposes that cause little or no destruction and disturbance.

Recently, my wife and I were shocked to see power boats that belong more appropriately on Kalamalka Lake, Okanagan Lake, or any of the larger lakes where you commonly see power boats. You would think that a power boater would notice that there are basically no power boats on this body of water and recognize there is a logical reason for this.

The fact there are no official restrictions is not a reason to use Swan Lake for towing people around with high horse power boats. It looks ridiculous.

So, it appears Swan Lake has the same problem as Hidden Lake, where large boats are used without thinking of the consequences.

There will be damage to the shoreline and nests. People quietly fishing in small boats are being disturbed and dragon boats and kayakers will have to deal with what should not belong on this body of water.

I hope these boats are removed through the use of common sense and the people responsible for regulating boat use immediately restrict it to 10 horsepower.

Great lakes for power boats are just down the road.  Please be considerate of others and use them.

David Stinson