Smart meters

Citizens for Safe Technology aren't the only ones concerned about Hydro's smart meters

There are some things about smart meters that just don’t add up.

I’m wondering why groups like the Citizens for Safe Technology would have spent so much time, energy and their own money to bring their concerns about smart meters to the public eye if there wasn’t some truth in them?

Not only are they worried about the adverse effect on health but some experts feel even the integrity of buildings will be compromised.

The reassurances of B. C. Hydro leave me uncomfortable. The installation will cost $900 million according to Dag Sharman of B.C. Hydro, but I’m told smart meters will save me money.

To quote Rich Coleman, “Smart meters do not create additional costs for B.C. Hydro customers.” (letter to myself dated March 6).

Then who is going to pay the $900 million?

He also stated that the, “Installation of smart meters across the province is expected to reduce operating costs by $70 million over the next three years.”

At that rate, it will take us 39 years to pay off the $900 million installation cost and that’s not allowing for upgrades or replacement etc.

Who is really benefitting from the installation of smart meters? Why is the government pushing the installation of the meters forward without taking the time to allow an investigation into these concerns?

I don’t think people are against the technology which will allow electricity to be moved around more efficiently but the hazards of doing it wirelessly.

I believe there are many people in North Okanagan who do not want a smart meter installed in their home but have not voiced their opinion because they do not know what the consequences of opposition might be.

There is the rumor that if a home owner opts out, they will be responsible for the cost of a meter reader.

Then, there is the rumor that their bill will be estimated and will undoubtedly increase. The point being, there is not clear direction and until there is, there should be a halt to the installations.

If you have the same uncomfortable feelings as I do, I urge you to phone or write to your councillors asking them to join the growing number of municipalities asking for a moratorium on smart meters or an opt out program.

The time to act is now.


Jill de la Salle, Armstrong