Smoking bans

Ban on smoking outside taking it too far, other ways to improve health

In regards to the letter Where there’s smoke.

We have taken a strong stand on the smoking issues and I fully understand that it is a hazard to the lives of people, but really now people can not smoke outside, this is taking it a bit far don’t you think?

If you took a sample of the air the least of our problems is some person standing outside having a smoke. The pollution in our air is bad at the best of times.

Every day I drive to work and see people with vehicles blowing out big clouds of black smoke.

Are you to stop all these people from driving to and from work, really I think not.

So I feel that if you don’t like the cigarette smoke don’t stand that close to those who are smoking, and if you don’t want your children near it, then maybe you should move over a bit.

That is what most people do, it is just common sense.

My father went to war and fought long and hard to give us a free country as did all the  other soldiers in the world wars.

I am beginning to believe that we are not a free country anymore with everyone telling us what to do and not to do with our lives.

So for the 20 per cent that smoke, I am sure they are not doing as much damage to our enviroment as the 95 per cent of us that drive vehicles.

Also to add I am a non-smoker and have been for nine years and that was my choice, not someone telling me to quit.

I also drive a convertible in the summer time and I would love the black-smoke puffer to stop blowing it in my air space, but it is my choice to drive a convertable, right?


Cindy Coombs, North Okanagan