Smoking realities

Government support to help smokers quit is a good start

Now that ex-smoker and letter writer Alli Graham has analyzed smoking behaviour as “a crutch…, a destructive habit…, a deadly habit/addiction”, and a behaviour from which she quit “cold turkey” (yet it took 20 years to accomplish), I wonder why she is so down on help for those who have a problem quitting the weed?

Although I agree that patches and gum should not be considered suitable governmental aids for smokers, the inclusion of this group of people free services to addicts would be a start. Like any addict (alcoholics or drug addicts), smokers deserve to have help to give up a behaviour that places them and their families at risk. Our governments, after all, help to get them there by collecting huge taxes from this poison and, within my lifetime, allowed advertising to hook our kids.

All people deserve help with behaviours that have taken control of them. The brain/reason alone does not do well with such addictions.  And yes, I smoked for 30 plus years, so I do understand both sides of the story.


Dave Bosomworth, Vernon