Snake story

Resident provides his own experience with rattlesnakes in Vernon

Regarding your front page article May 22 concerning rattlesnakes, after the war, my wife and I hired a carpenter to build a house for us on Tronson Road for $25,000.

Friends said we were crazy. Our five kids would have to walk two miles to school and worse, I found a rattlesnake den just above Tronson Road.

At one point, five rattlers moved up to their den and I stood above them. I put my feet gently on two of them and picked up two more by their tails. I yelled for my 15-year-old son to get me a big glass jar and to watch out for the snakes.

In the end, I had five rattlers in a jar on our mantle piece.

My wife was having a tea party with some friends so she told me to get rid of the snakes. I had a .22 rifle so I took the jar down to the beach and dumped them out one at a time. However, each snake moved so I had to reverse the rifle and bash their heads in.

As your article states, it is now illegal to kill rattlers.

Bart Bartholomew