Snow storm

Resident upset with the level of snow clearing on local roads during the recent storm

Dear Mr. Mayor, what a pathetic attempt to avoid the issue, which was your and your staff were unprepared for what was coming. The weather channel gave 48 to 72 hours of notice.

And the unmitigated gall of those five citizens to confront you on this issue.

It must have been stressful and disconcerting to say the least.

As well as your staff and council members having to suffer the slings and arrows of abuse must have put them in a catatonic state.

Obviously when one is ensconced in one’s office, one does not relate to the minions or plebes faced with the task of mobility, ie. seniors with wheelchairs, canes, walkers and mobile scooters.

In summation, your best response would have been, “Let them eat cake.”

Now that I am on a roll, how about your response to the statement by your employee who stated, “We should have snow cleared in 36 hours.” Is this individual a fan of Star Trek? Did he mean light years?

As I stated at the outset, your excuse doesn’t hold water. We all pay taxes, seniors included.


R.W. Kerry