So much for progress

Water advisory a slap in the face following multi-million upgrades to treatment facility

I have lived within the City of Vernon for the past 43 years, and simply cannot remember that we have ever been on a water advisory until recently.

What a travesty that, over the past few years we have spent millions of dollars to upgrade our water sources to what we were led to believe were extremely high standards and as a result, our water rates have become so high that to me it is alarming.

So we all try to cut down on our water usage – does this mean that the powers that be will come out and tell us that as we have not met someone’s idea of a ‘quota of usage’ and that we will be farther punished for all this travesty, by our rates going up yet again to meet the financial demands of the payment for all the work done and money spent?

I have just done some checking, and within the Vernon Water district since June 30 when the Duteau Creek source, newly opened after a long and very costly renovation came on line until Sept. 8, there have been precisely 10 days that there has not been a boil water advisory in effect within the region.

In this day and age to me this is completely unacceptable, and somehow we should be given a real accounting of how this can happen and some sort of assurance it will not happen again, and perhaps a few heads should be rolling.

Supposedly now having one of the safest water supplies it is unacceptable to me that we were boiling water or purchasing safe drinking water, and we, I am sure, will not be offered any form of compensation for all the inconvenience and extra expense we are all being put through.

So much for progress. And modern technology.


Valerie  Redstone, Vernon